Learn How To Publish Your Own Book

Creativity is a talent that only a few possess, if you are one of them you do not have to suffocate your dreams due to lack of opportunity. Whether you are good at poetry or writing stories, if it has been your dream to publish your own book, it may not be as far as it first seemed. Learning the nuances of publishing your own book may seem like a mammoth task at first, and it is undoubtedly difficult but not impossible.


Traditional publishing versus self-publishing

Traditional publishing definitely has its merits but self-publishing is proving to be a much better option for novice writers who have some idea of how to publish. It is also seen that these days traditional publishers do not prefer to publish first time writers, as there is always that risk of losses. In addition, they do not provide any advance to budding writers these days. Therefore, it is best to publish your own book if you are a first time writer because it boosts the confidence of people in the writer as well as save you the misery of visiting traditional publishers time and again.


You may eventually make more money when self publishing

When you publish your book on your own, it is obvious that you are not dependant on the royalties provided by the publishers, which is at best meager. It may take some time to get to know the entire knowledge of publishing world, but it is certainly not impossible. If you self publish your book, you make more profits and the yield per book is more remarkable as well.

You can also be published much quicker, a legacy publisher will usually take 7-8months at the very least to publish a book, on the other hand it can be much sooner when you already know all the efforts that are required in publishing. Therefore, it is best to self publish when you have the required knowledge.