The BlackBerry Passport: BlackBerry’s Comeback Device

The Blackberry Passport launched on September 24 has already become a hit with users with a record 200,000 orders. The BlackBerry Passport is a powerful device and is of the same size as that of a US Passport, hence the name. It has a 4.5 inch square display and is 3.5 inch wide, which makes it wider than other Phablets like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 6 Plus. The BlackBerry Passport symbolizes the company’s business focused mindset and is packed with a powerful hardware, an array of clever features, and an excellent foundation in the BlackBerry OS 10.3, which is a strong opponent of the iOS, and Android.

Specifications of the Phablet

The phone weighs less than a pound but feels very solid and the wide display makes it excellent for reading text without having to zoom in on the text. Its screen displays 60 characters in a line. The 4.5-inch display has a 1.440 x 1,440 pixel resolution, with a pixel density of 453 pixels per inch. The glossy IPS LCD display lives up to its quality and displays high quality pictures and videos. It holds up well indoors as well as outdoors. The Blackberry Passport has the trademark Blackberry QWERTY physical keypad and this is what makesthe Passport stand out among the crowd of rectangular smart phones.

The BlackBerry Passport has a 3GB Ram and 32GB of Flash Storage, which is expandable up to 128GB. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.2 GHz Quad core processor. The Passport uses a 13MP 1080p camera along with a 2MP 720p front facing camera. Here are some of the other significant features of the Blackberry Passport.

  1. Software and Features

The BlackBerry Passport runs on Blackberry OS 10.3 and comes with the Amazon app store pre installed. The user can fire it up and start downloading apps just like any other Android user. Some of the Android apps do not work on the Blackberry Passport. However, the lack of Google Play Store is a letdown and one will not find many of the favorite Google Play Store games. However, Google Talk is available which the best alternative is as Google Hangouts is missing. The native BlackBerry mail and calendar apps still maintain their luster. Overall, BlackBerry Passport passes the test in terms of Software and features.

  1. The Keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard has been a native of Blackberry and has been their biggest strength. The Blackberry Passport too sports a QWERTY physical keyboard but it has three rows unlike the conventional four-row keypad. The keyboard is touch enabled and works really well. The massive width of the phone makes typing a wonderful experience and with an array of features like predictive text and easy zooming on words while editing makes typing easier on the BlackBerry Passport.

  1. Blackberry 10.3

For the lover of the BlackBerry OS, Passport is a satisfactory experience. Email and messaging being BlackBerry’s strong assets, the device does a great job of juggling different accounts and presenting all the information in a single ‘hub’. A sidebar called Instant Actions enables the users to view, respond, or delete messages from the hub. The Passport can support up to eight apps at a time and hence is great for multi tasking.

With the Blackberry Passport, Blackberry has made a strong comeback in the market of smart phones. With its unusual square shape and a wide screen along with a 10.3 OS, Blackberry Passport is a device to look out for.