Say Hello to Ello: The Anti Facebook Social Network

Say Hello to Ello: The Anti Facebook Social Network

Ello, a new social media website, has gained immense popularity within weeks of its launch and recently, about 31,000 people have been requesting per hour to join Ello. Founded by Paul Budnitz along with seven of his friends, Ello is creating major buzz as an anti Facebook website. Launched in April 2014, Ello was primarily used by 100 of Paul Budnitz’s friends, however in May 2014; the initial users started sending out invites to other people outside their groups as well.

The major difference between Ello and other social networking websites is that Ello is completely void of any advertisements. The founders of Ello claim that while other networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter use the information of the account holders and sell them to advertising companies, Ello maintains the secrecy of the user and if the user wants, they can hide their information from the founders as well. Ello aims at taking over popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter and claims to make a cozier network where friends can share and interact.

How can you join Ello?

Ello can be joined only by invites, thus someone has to invite you to join Ello only, and then can you make an account. Each one, willing to join Ello has to agree to the terms of the site, if you disagree, you are sent to Facebook.

What are the special features of Ello?

The main difference between Ello and other networking websites is the lack of advertisements. No ads, no invites to like pages, no invites to play games, no friend suggestions just plain simple chatting. Users can see the profiles of their friends and can see, like and comment on posts by their friends. Ello enables you to categorize your friends into two categories ‘Friends’ and ‘Noise’. The latter organizes the news feed into two columns thus making it easier to use.

Is my information safe with Ello?

The main reason Ello is against Facebook and Twitter is that these websites sell customer information to advertising sites, which then uses this information for sending us specific advertisements. Ello enables us to keep our information safe as one of the privacy policies enables the account holders to hide their information from everyone including the founders of Ello. In addition, it is not necessary to use your real name while making an account on Ello thus further maintaining anonymity.

Ello is a very new social networking site but the amount of buzz that it has created proves its mettle. However Ello might go on to become the new Facebook or the new Twitter or might end up as a failed attempt like many other. One can just wait, in the meanwhile Ello sounds like an interesting concept and is worthy of trying once. So go ahead say hello to Ello.