New iPhone 6 Amazing Flexible Bending Display

The iPhone 6 is a sleek smartphone made of aluminum and glass with a 4.7-inch screen. With an Apple A8 processor, 750×1334 pixels resolution and a 1.2 MP camera, this smartphone had been introduced with great pomp and celebration. It has a remarkable battery capacity of 1810mAh. Apple had very recently announced that it sold more than 10 million  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones all over the world, setting a new record for iPhone sales.

It might then surely come as a shock to many to find their expensive iPhone bending out of shape suddenly! A user, Lewis Hilsenteger, demonstrates on YouTube how the iPhone 6 Plus is bending, using just his fingers to do so. This video has gone viral and has already been viewed more than 13.8 million times. Several users of the nifty iPhone 6 have reported that the phone gets bent when kept in the pocket of the trousers or when pressure is applied on it. In fact, several smartphones have been put through the ‘bend test’ but only the iPhone 6 has appeared to bend notably, making users wonder if it has been a sensible buy after all. What’s even more distressing is the creaking sounds heard from the iPhone after bending!

The creator of the iPhone 6 suggests that one should not try to bring the iPhone back into shape. Trying to bend the phone back to a flat profile has resulted in breakage in many cases. This might mean irreparable damage to the iPhone 6. The aluminum body is reported to be the main reason for the iPhone 6 bending and many users are now concerned about this grave fault in the phone. The weak area of the ingenious looking smartphone seems to be around the volume buttons. The only way to prevent this problem is prevention of pressure on the middle part of the iPhone 6 in any way.

This fearful bending issue is being alternatively termed ‘bendgate’ or ‘bentgate’ by users. Users are hoping that Apple comes out with a salvaging option for the iPhone 6 bending issue that has alarmed many all over the world.