Android One Has Arrived: Samsung and Apple had better buckle up!

Android One Has Arrived: Samsung and Apple had better buckle up!

On Monday, 15 September 2014, Google launched its Android One platform for smart phones. Google has unveiled its first set of Android One low cost smart phones in the Indian market, collaborating with Micromax and Karbonn, priced between Rs.6, 299 and Rs.6,499. The three phones will be available on Flip kart, Amazon, and Snap deal and via Reliance Digital, Croma, and The Mobile Store Offline. Through the Android One initiative, Google is focusing on improving the quality of user experience on low priced Android smart phones.

Plans of expansion

Google plans to expand the program to other markets such as Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, with vendors including Panasonic, Asus, Acer, HTC, Alcatel, and Lenovo participating as hardware partners. Though Android One is supposed to be a global initiative but at the moment it has an Indian tinge that shows Google is focusing on the Indian market more than ever, and possibly more than anyone else. This may be due to the fact that in the recent years, India and China have come up as the major fastest growing markets for smart phone. However, Google’s move poses a big threat to Apple as well as Samsung as it might influence their market. Here are three reasons why Android One can overtake Samsung and Apple and be the new ruler of smart phones:

Improving Customer Experience on Low-End phones

One of the major goals of Android one is improvement in customer experience and satisfaction. Low end smart phones make up to 81% of the Indian smart phone market, but customers often deal with weak hardware specification due to the usage of older, modified versions of Android by manufacturers. Google claims to curbs this problem by exercising greater control over the software on the Android One phones and will provide timely updates of the latest version for up to two years.

Samsung’s Shrinking Market

Samsung is already facing heat in the low and mid tier of the smart phone market. The company shipped 15% fewer smart phones in China and lost its top spot to Xiaomi. The company has been losing ground in the fast-growing Indian market as well. Thus, there is an open spot waiting to be snatched by the Android One smart phones.

Low efforts by Apple and Samsung

Although Apple has recognized that India is a growing market for iPad and iPhone, it has done little or nothing to entice the Indian customers whereas Samsung has been guilty of producing moderate quality re-iterations of existing phones and has been shown to be completely devoid of any understanding of the Indian market. However, Android One focuses, majorly on the Indian market and is planning to deliver iOS like performance along with the feature of Samsung’s homegrown apps. This special attention is bound to attract more customers and will help make Android One a success.