Top 5 American Shows Everyone Must Watch

Who does not like American TV shows? I don’t think there is any should out there who does not enjoy a good series, so we felt the need to highlight top 5 shows that are a must watch for everyone who loves TV. These series, have been extremely top notch during their times and some of them have been rated by the viewers as the best they have ever seen.


Tell me a name that is unaware of this series, anyone who loves TV would know what I am talking about! Well, the most popular series and widely watched by millions of people round the world focuses on the life of 6 friends. It has gained the highest audience in total of ten years with the season 10. The last season was considered to be the most overwhelming of them all. This is the series, which is very well known in foreign countries. As the story between six friends keeps everyone stuck to the couch, until the show lasts. This show is perhaps the most downloaded of all the American shows out there!

The X factor

Created by Simon Cowell it is one of the highly watched series world over. The auditions for this show were held all over the world and have given people the viewing experience of a lifetime. It is the show where highly talented singers come together on stage to show their performance. The judges present analyze the contestants, this show is still ongoing, and with every series, it promises to be more interesting.

Lie to Me

It is one of the most marvelous TV shows every on air. The areas, which are looked after, are different from the normal TV series we normally watch for entertainment. It created a different class of people to watch it and was highly rated. There were many things, which could be learnt from the show

Hannah Montana

Who doesn’t know the series of Hannah Montana? It is the series, which was highly famous among the teenagers. The lead role played by Miley Cyrus had gained too much of popularity due to the show. It was that time when Hannah Montana goodies became so famous; girls wanted bags like her and wanted to look like her! If that does not show its popularity what does?

Desperate Housewives

It is perhaps one of the most misunderstood but highly watched series worldwide. It traces the lives of modern homemakers in various states of the United States like Texas, Miami etc. The show reflects the true nature and struggles of the homemakers and promises great viewing experience at the same time!