Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Trouble in paradise

The on and off couple of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are hinting on the rumors ones again when they are spotted again together. There were several break ups and rekindles, however they have managed to stay together in all ups and downs and have been seen spending quality time together.

They are the couple who have been watched mostly by the people, since they are the public figures and loved by the fans. They are widely followed by their fans and stay in news for one or the other reason, especially due to their relationship.

Early start of relationship

When they started their relationship, Justin Bieber was merely 16 and Selena Gomez 18. They were the most recognizable couple in the Hollywood due to their dazzling career in the music as well as their relationship which was as tarnished in the public eye. However, they have managed to stay together in their breaks up too creating the onlookers to keep guessing whether they are together or not? When they announced their relationship, they had been best friends before that.

Inseparable love               

Couple has always been famous for their love, which was more of a public display of affection!  They were seen together in each and every public appearance and spent lots of time together while vacationing  around the world

Trouble in paradise

However, it is said that good things catch the eyes of the people and worsen so was the same with the duo. It got on the eyes of the people and their relationship started suffering.  Rumors were around which proved that couple was on the verge of separation. The break of the duo happened in 2011 following which Justin was totally devastated and moved towards the path of spoiling himself. He started coming in the eyes of the public when he broke the laws.

With the recent pictures uploaded and the recent appearances, rumors are flying which states that the couple is together again, however there is no official announcement for the same. Their recent reunion in Canada has made words flowing around which shows that couple has reunited.  They were spotted spending some quality time in Canada while horse riding.

The outing was described as ‘ peaceful’ by Selena Gomez. Justin seemed to be happy with his reunion to his old flame. Instagram pictures posted gave the news to the world and surprised everyone about their relationship again. Let us hope they try to make it work this time!