Fashion Disasters Every Girl Should Avoid

It is a universal truth that without learning how to properly groom yourself, you are bound to make mistakes when getting ready for that special day. To save yourself some public embarrassment, it is always best to learn how to properly present yourself, which fads to follow and which to avoid. All of this can be learnt easily if you are smart and focused. The most important thing to always remember is that what is in vogue may not go that well on your body type, or skin complexion or height etc. Therefore, buying a dress just because your friend has the same kind may be a very bad idea indeed!


How not to be the laughing stock

Make sure that every time you want to make a major wardrobe change, you research the kind of look you are hoping to achieve. Sometimes, we can have false hopes and aspirations related to a specific kind of dress, or fabric. The truth is nothing can make you look good if you are not comfortable wearing it, and you are not poised and confident. One of the most important points to remember is that being underdressed is sometimes better than being overdressed. Never overdo the makeup, If you like Smokey eyes reserve it for a night outing and try to avoid it during the day.


Show off what is worth accentuating!

A few dresses may enhance specific areas of your body as a short dress accentuates your legs, and an off shoulder dress shows off your toned arms. Make sure you show off only the toned and worth showing parts of your body. No one likes a flabby arm show more than they like a girl fidgeting in six inched heels and tripping at every possible obstacle. Being trendy should definitely take an important place in your list but it should not be the point number one! Comfort is the truest measure of how fashionable you can look in whatever you wear!


Cakey makeup is a strict no!

One of the worst fashion disasters is when people use substandard makeup products eventually giving them a caked up appearance. Do avoid this mistake, purchasing standard makeup products is basically an investment. The truth is these makeup products last longer, give superior results, do not harm your skin in the end. Take for example a good branded bottle of foundation may last four years without any problems. Therefore, make sure you use your inherent intelligence and invest in good quality products to look like the pretty doll that you are!