5 Things Make You Feel Fabulous Every Day

Have you ever felt fabulous right from the moment you get up from your bed? Well, hardly anyone would have. Have we ever thought why we get up tired and weary even though after having so much sleep and still craving for more all the time? Well, there are certain things which if practiced can make you feel marvelous.


Many people find exercise a tiring part to start a day but this is not the fact. A little work out would really make your day and help you feel fresh. It would bring the feeling of doing something for you. The inner you will stay happy for the whole day. Exercise gives the fantastic start to the day and also the metabolism a good kick start.

Listening to good and soothing music

Music is the art of life and it can make your day. Listening to the music in the morning will get your spirits high and thus your whole day would be incredible. It is mandatory to listen to music at least once in a day to keep yourself cheerful and getting rid of all the tensions and worries of life. Also, listening to good music is a key to good health. Scientifically it has been proven that plants also respond to music. Isn’t that amazing?

Pray for others apart from you

Have you ever tried praying for someone unknown? Try it, it in actuality works and makes you feel good which will make your inner being satisfied of doing something very good. While traveling for work, you see some handicapped or a person who is trying hard to walk, pray for them. Pray for the person who is begging and for whom he never knows whether he will get the night’s dinner to eat or not.

Thank the god

Always memorize to thank god for this brilliant life, for the chance which is bestowed upon you and because of which you could see this globe and humankind. This will really make you feel marvelous because at some point you know that yes, god exists and he listens.

Preparing a list and keeping check on it

Keeping a check list is a sign of staying organized. There are many people that have lots of work to do and they do it, but not in a patterned manner which almost spoils all the work done. It is very necessary to stay organized and for that reason one should practice the check list of what is to be done and at the end of the day check the things done. It would make one realize of tasks accomplished and also pending tasks. It makes one feel contended and alright at the end of the day, knowing that today was different, today was SPECIAL!