4 Useful Stuffs Always Be In Your Handbag

4 Useful Stuffs Always Be In Your Handbag

We all know that a women’s purse is full of mysteries. It is the tool, which can be used in case of emergency when needed. However, we also need to keep in mind that we don’t miss on anything. Therefore, ladies here are couple of things which should always be carried in your purse. First of all, all the stuff should be well organized that gives one ease of finding things from the bag of mystery and also help when you want to change the purse frequently.

Safety pins

Have you ever come across a colleague who ran to you haphazardly asking for a safety pin? Well, I came across many a times.  You would not realize it is important unless you really feel the need of it. Safety pins save you from any sort of embarrassment that might cause at work and save for time being. I highly recommend carrying safety pins as one of the necessity in your purse.


Who wants to stink?  Deodorant sprays are very useful in emergencies. You had a hard day full of sweat and you feel embarrassed to go out like that? Well, this is the most significant item, which every woman should have in her purse, as you never know when you require it. Obviously, you do not want any of your friends coming to you and offering a deodorant to you. Isn’t it?  You don’t want to end up stinking like a pig right?

Tampons or sanitary pads for emergency

Don’t you think these are the most necessary stuff and must have for your purse? You never know when you are due and are in such a place where you cannot get hands on to sanitary pads. This is the worse situation any women would face anywhere. So in order to save ourselves in case of emergencies tampons or sanitary pads area  must keep in your purse.

Multipurpose tool

A woman should always carry multipurpose tool with her. This is the most important tool required in case of any emergency these can be your own personal Swiss knife too A small tool which has small knife, opener, tweezers, cutter, and lot more should always be carried.. You would be the centre of attraction when any friend would require in emergency and you have it.

Well, there are many more things which one should have in their purse, but since it should not be overloaded, the things mentioned above are must have in case of emergencies.