Under Qualified Medical Interpreters Endangering Patient’s Lives

Health care interpreters are the people who facilitate the communication between the patients and the doctors, nurses or the health care provider. They are the people who reduce the communication gap and solve the problem. There is a huge mass of people who have limited English proficiency. To help them get rid of the language barrier medical interpreters play a vital role.

Barrier between the patient and the health care provider

When there is a barrier of language, it is hard for the health care provider to diagnose the patient, despite of how experienced and skilled the doctor is. Medical interpreters play a vital role in diagnosing the patient, as they are the only medium of communication between the doctor and the patient. The doctor or the health care provider has nothing but to rely on what the interpreter speaks so he/she has to be completely fluent and translate it equally well.

How does the life of patients suffer due to under qualified medical interpreters?

The interpreter needs to be expert English speaker and translator as well. Since he would be the only medium between the patient and the doctor, he plays the vital role. If medical interpreters who are under qualified try to translate and work errors might occur in communication, which proves dangerous for the lives of the patient and problems for the health care provider. There is immense responsibility on the head of the health care provider, as they have to educate the family of the patient too for various things related to the patient and the requirement involved in health care.

Unclear communication may result in endangering the life of the patient

Some people think that translating the language is not a big task; it can be done by any one. However, if proper translation is not done it affects the life of the patient and  the liability of the doctor increases .So the medical interpreter needs to be completely qualified and trained well, so proper diagnoses can be provided to the patient.

There are various certification courses available, wherein proper training is provided to the students undergoing the training. After certification, the person is awarded with the degree of qualified medical interpreter. The diversity exist, however everyone should accept it and help get rid of it in a proper manner. Being lethargic when it comes to someone’s health may prove fatal to some one’s life as the role of medical interpreter is very important in the field of heath care.