Study On Primates Reveals Drug Zmapp Is Effective

Study On Primates Reveals Drug Zmapp Is Effective

Ebola has been termed as one of the deadliest outbreaks in West Africa, and has taken lives of so many elsewhere too. The outbreak seemed like uncontainable and unstoppable in the beginning, but with intervention from United Nations, the picture does not look that bleak. This disease is caused by Ebola virus, which has primarily an inclination towards primates and apes.

Incurable Ebola

Since, there were hardly any medicines introduced, it seemed incurable, and that was the primary reason why we were all so scared whenever we listened to the term ‘Ebola’. Symptoms Include fever, sore throat at first and slowly resolve and muscle pain and headache follow later.

Scientists successful in curing the disease

However, recent news has revealed that scientists have been successful in implementing drug Zmapp on monkeys and have cured the disease in them. It has cured primates and has thus lifted the hopes amongst the people that it can be used on the affected area of West Africa as well. This drug trial on primates has given some hope to the scientists, in that the future of Ebola is not seemingly as daunting as it was before.

How well did it work on primates?

As per the news revealed, the apes were treated after the three to five days after the initial infection. The moneys who were given the treatment with the drug survived whereas those who were deprived of the treatment died after the day eight of the infection of the disease. Scientists are astonished and very relieved after the drug showed its results. Later on, the drug was tried on the Americans who were on the later stages on the infection, and the results have been very favorable. However, Zmapp is produced from tobacco plants and to meet the shortage of the drug, there is mass cultivation that has been undertaken. This virus is spread by the foreigners who travel between countries after having been infected once. The drug used on experimentation has given 100 % results on the patients suffering from Ebola.

How convincing is the evidence?

This experimented drug gives the most hopeful and convincing evidence which has proved curing the disease. Zmapp is one of the most effective drugs tried on Ebola till date. Ebola virus is widely spread and reports have shown that it has proved its evidence in the fifth country of the Africa. Since, the drug healed all the 18 monkeys that were under observation after the drug was tried; it has raised a expectation amongst the human race. No other drug tried apart from Zmapp has ever proved successful in curing the disease. As stated by the scientists, the level of improvement was beyond their expectation and will surely be tried on the masses suffering from the diseases. This drug might bring an end to the deadly Ebola spreading throughout the countries.