Novartis Launches A New Drug For Heart Patients

Novartis International AG is one of the most famous Swiss pharmaceutical companies based in Switzerland. This Swiss manufacturer has developed a new drug for heart failure. It has proved to reduce the mortality rate for people suffering from heart ailments. The manufacturer constantly keeps on trying for developing new drugs due to the competition faced in the market.

Drug introduced due to the competition faced in the market

Novartis is the company has topped field of pharmaceuticals for many years now. The company was facing competition for the heart failure drug called Diovan and because of which it was in constant process of making another drug. Finally, it has proved successful in preparing a new drug known as Serelaxin.

Trial of the drug

There are various trials going on to get the new product out in the market as soon as possible. The trial of the drug in patients has reported reduction in the morbidity and mortality rate for the patients. The drug has the potential to reduce the stress on heart and reduce the enlargement of the left atrium of the heart, which is indirectly responsible for the heart attack. Several phases were tried, and the third phase showed that the drug had vital and strong effect in treating the patients having heart failure.

Drug ready to get in the market

The study of the manufacturer has ended on a positive note and now they are ready to present the drug to the world on a good note.  There are many expectations from such a renowned manufacturer, which has a strong market presence. The drug has been proved very effective with the help of two surveys carried out by the cardiologists. The outcome of the use of the drug on the patients was outstanding. On the other hand, Morgan Stanley argued that Novartis might need to show a large risk reduction of around 30 % and then only they will be able to convince health care providers and doctors to use their new medicine.

There are new inventions happening almost every day. There are several reasons for the same. Various new disease coming in to the picture and there is massive competition in the market of pharmaceuticals. To stay intact and to maintain its position in the market for Novartis it is very important to keep a good hold on the new inventions to change the whole scenario of healthcare.